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Donate €1

By donating just €1 per month each, together it will provide a regular income for Care 4 Cats and thus allow us to continue our work saving cats in need across the island. If we can get hundreds (perhaps even thousands) of our supporters giving just €1 a month (the equivalent of sacrificing half a […]

New Translations in Progress

We are working on having our entire website professionally translated into 3 languages other than English. This is not simple process and takes a little time, however we are nearly there. Check back often in the near future as we will be adding a Spanish, German and Dutch version of the site. In the meantime […]

Recognising and treating Cat Flu

Most people who have worked with cats have seen cats with runny, pusy eyes and noses, sneezing and sometimes being quite unwell. This is ‘cat flu’ (picture 1). 80% of cases are caused by either Feline Calicivirus (FCV) or Feline Herpesvirus (FHV) or both together. Cats with poor immune function will be more seriously affected […]