Monica had a bit of a problem recently when 7 stray cats decided they wanted to live on her allotment! As an animal lover, she was happy to take care of them but naturally didn’t want them to multiply! She got in touch with us, raised some money towards vet bills and we trapped, neutered […]

The Smugglers

It has taken a while but we have finally trapped and neutered the entire colony at The Smugglers in San Antonio There were 12 cats and three kittens; one of the cats was treated for mange and abscesses and the kittens went to a foster home. This little grey tabby was very sick when we […]


This is the story of an Ibiza street cat and how much involvement and influence the Care 4 Cats Charity has had on her life. In September 2013 we received a report and photograph of a very young cat hanging around The Ocean Beach Club in Sant Antonio and people were worried about its welfare, […]