Monica had a bit of a problem recently when 7 stray cats decided they wanted to live on her allotment! As an animal lover, she was happy to take care of them but naturally didn’t want them to multiply!

She got in touch with us, raised some money towards vet bills and we trapped, neutered and returned the kitties last week. It’s great to know these cats will now live long, happy and healthy lives! Our volunteers were delighted to receive this message and some beautiful photos of our satisfied customers!

“Hello I’m Monica. I wanted to thank you for the great job you do. The professional way in which you act is impressive. Thank you for helping us with the stray cats that had made a home in my allotment. It’s been marvellous to see how well you’ve treated the animals. They haven’t suffered at any moment. From the moment they were brought from the vets they appeared well and happy.

A thousand thank yous for what you do. It’s to be admired. Thank you to the founders of this association and to all of the volunteers who work miracles. A hug!

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