The Smugglers

It has taken a while but we have finally trapped and neutered the entire colony at The Smugglers in San Antonio There were 12 cats and three kittens; one of the cats was treated for mange and abscesses and the kittens went to a foster home.

This little grey tabby was very sick when we found her; she’d aborted her kittens which we found dead nearby, and she couldn’t eat a thing. We couldn’t even trap her as she had no interest in food, so brave Tracey Tinker grabbed the cat and got bitten in doing so, resulting in a tetanus jab at the hospital.

When we took this little cat to the vet and saw her in the surgery the next day we really did think she wouldn’t make it. She had developed a horrible internal infection and would have suffered a very slow and painful death, but after almost two weeks of treatment she recovered enough to go home, and was returned to The Smugglers.

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