If you feed a kitten on your holiday in Ibiza, fall in love and want to take it home, find a sick cat on the street, or regularly look after some of Ibiza’s Very Important Cats (VICs), help is at hand from Care 4 Cats Ibiza…

About Care 4 Cats Ibiza

Care_4_Cats-1-of-1-7Care4Cats is a UK registered charity committed to protecting Ibiza’s homeless cats – our core focus being Trap | Neuter | Return initiatives.

We are also involved in other areas in our ongoing mission to help and improve the lives of Ibiza’s street cats.

Care 4 Cats have neutered over 20,000 cats in 18 years (the only humane way to help them).

Our work is vital because one un-neutered female can be responsible for the births of more than 420,000 cats in 7 years.

We are funded entirely by donations, and consists solely of volunteers.

Our Work

Here we have a short film made by the Stuart Halbert foundation, who are kindly supporting our efforts in Ibiza, after seeing the work that we do on a daily basis.

Volunteer Today

Apply for our upcoming Trap Neuter Return programs, or to volunteer in other areas.