Our trappers comprise the core of the charity’s functions, without whom we wouldn’t be able to help rescue so many of Ibiza’s feral and homeless cats.



volunteers-ibizaOur UK and Ibiza trappers are passionate about caring for Ibiza’s cats, and find their work as rewarding as it is challenging.

They might be saving cats from being poisoned or put to sleep, taking an injured or sick cat for treatment, or rescuing kittens dumped in rubbish bins.

They also vet potential forever homes, photograph cats for adoption or those with special stories, run our FB page and website and do whatever they can to help care for Ibiza’s cats.

Without the help of our volunteers, we would not be able to make the difference we do.

uk-volunteers-e1425492779452Here’s why our volunteers offer their services:

  • FUN
Why help?


cat_PNG133We want to help to as many cats & kittens as we can

To achieve this we need volunteers in many areas including trapping, fostering & adoption, fundraising, events and much more.

Your support will bring more energy

We need endless volunteers to energise our work as we want to expand to reach all corners of this island.

Your help is crucial to us

Volunteers are our lifeblood and as our charity has grown, so has the need for more of you to help.

Ways to help


We need volunteers in many areas. If you are interested, please click here to see other ways you may be able to help out the cats and kittens of Ibiza.


We need people from the UK to volunteer for our twice yearly (Feb & Oct) TNR campaigns.

UK volunteers pay their own flights and accommodation in order to keep the costs for the charity low.

If you are interested in helping in any of the trapping weeks, please apply here.


If you live in Ibiza and want to help the charity with our work, we are always looking for people who will learn to trap a cat, usually in their own area, and take it to the vet.

If you are based in Ibiza and wish to be one of our trappers, please apply here.


We desperately need volunteers to raise money; something which is always in short supply.

If you would like to join our team, please apply using our online form.


Fostering a kitten while we find it a home is very rewarding. Most of the time they are tame, but some do need careful handling to tame them.

We are always looking for experienced, loving and reliable foster carers to look after the cats and kittens in our care until we find their furever homes.

Please see our Fostering & Adoption section for further info, or apply to foster / adopt here.


We would like to get involved in more events but lack the necessary man power.


We are always looking for carpenters and handymen to help us build shelters, keep our traps in good order, and make new wooden traps by recycling old palettes, as well as help with any odd jobs that need doing.


We are keen to introduce cat cafes in urbanisations & hotel grounds, so the cats don’t gravitate toward dining rooms or go on stealing sprees (cheeky kitties!).

This system works well as the hotel puts food in the cat cafe and the cats congregate to get fed morning and evening.


We are always in need of general supplies to look after our cats in foster care. If you can supply any of the following, the cats of Ibiza will be extremely grateful.

  • Cat food (preferably dry)
  • Sardines
  • Cat litter
  • Newspapers for lining carriers
  • Old sheets to cover the traps
  • Dog pens or cages


We always need people to find hotels that will take our collecting tins and empty them every two months.

We need also to build relationships with hotels as they often have the biggest cat problems of all, and we can certainly help them.


We are keen to introduce cat cafes in urbanisations & hotel grounds, so the cats don’t gravitate toward dining rooms or go on stealing sprees. This system works well as the hotel puts food in the cat cafe and the cats congregate to get fed morning and evening.

White Island Corner Shop
Santa Eularia

Ses Paisses Veterinary Clinic
+34 971 344 964
Open 10am – 1.30pm / 5pm – 8pm / Saturday Morning

San Miguel

If you would like to assist our cause and volunteer to help in any of the areas above then please apply online here.



Who can volunteer?

Anyone who wants to help Ibiza’s cats.

How do I apply to volunteer?

I can only offer one or two days a year. Can I still volunteer?

Yes, you can join in one of our fund raising events, like a long walk (if you live in Ibiza) or help us to sell a book of raffle tickets, and so on.

Do I need specific skills to volunteer?

No, most people make good volunteers if they just have the desire to help us to achieve our goal which is to have less cats on the streets. Over time we will succeed.

There are many ways you can help, either with learning to trap cats, in tandem with another person, as it is much better to work with another person at least when you are starting. Later you will be able to do this on your own, especially in your own area; or with helping our fundraisers with local events to raise money by manning a stall or finding things that we can sell etc.

If you are computer literate this is very much needed to help with our admin. You would do this from home. So please let us meet you and discuss the ways that perhaps you can help.

If I volunteer to come to Ibiza from the UK or anywhere in Europe and help with the TNR campaigns, what expenses will I incur?

First of all our campaigns are in the winter months from October to March, and you will be expected to pay for your air fare, which in winter time are much cheaper than in the summer months.

We go in the winter as the cats are not breeding, and the island is mostly free of tourists. However, accommodation is provided free in a modern apartment,with full cooking factilities so you can either stay in and cook your self any meals, or you can eat out and the cafes there are very cheap in the winter. We find that the volunteers usually do both. Usually they either all eat in or all go out together to a local cafe. So you will need to provide your own food.

Those two expenses are all that you will incur.

Can you accommodate groups of volunteers or corporate volunteering days?

Yes. We welcome corporate volunteering days, or if you have friends who also may like to volunteer. We need to have as many volunteers as we can get as these are the life of the charity and make it all work.

I’m not able to volunteer at Care 4 Cats but would I be able to foster any cats?

Yes of course. For more info on fostering click here.

To see which cats are in need of a loving new home, click here.

Or if you wish to apply to foster or adopt a cat, please click here.

“I decided to volunteer for Care 4 Cats after having seen the fantastic work they were doing whilst I was on holiday in Ibiza. I felt they needed all the help they could get so thats when I signed up for the October 2015 TNR campaign.

It was hard work, however the feeling you get knowing you are making an instant difference and vast improvement to the lives of numerous cats and kittens is unsurpassable.”

Gregg AshleyVolunteer / Trapper

Be a Volunteer

Apply for our upcoming Trap Neuter Return programs, or to volunteer in other areas.