By leaving a gift in your will you can help change the lives of thousands of Ibiza’s cats and kittens for years to come.

Not only would it be extremely welcome for Care 4 Cats but a legacy gift to a registered charity can also be highly tax efficient as it is currently free from inheritance tax.

Gifts in Wills


At Care 4 Cats, we have been helping injured, starving and abandoned cats and kittens since 2000. As a result of our mission to humanely trap, neuter, and return Ibiza’s stray and feral felines, we have saved and improved the lives of many of the islands cats, whilst also preventing the births of hundreds and thousands of unwanted kittens.

By remembering Care 4 Cats in your will you could help us make a better life for even more cats for years to come. More than half of the cats we help are cared for thanks to the kindness of people who remember us in this way.

Leaving a legacy to Care 4 Cats will help the charity to carry on with their valuable work for the stray and feral cats in Ibiza, particularly in the following areas:

  • Tackling the challenge of finding cats loving homes
  • Working locally all over Ibiza
  • Educating future generations
  • Facing tomorrow’s problems today
  • Every gift gives our cats the chance of a happy ending
How to leave a gift


If you would like more information about remembering Care 4 Cats in your will you can request our free Gifts in wills booklet, which you can either download or receive by post.

Making a will is the only way of making sure that your property and possessions will go to the people and causes that you care about after your death. The information on this page is designed to help you, but we do advise anyone who is making or updating a will to get in touch with a legal professional to help you do this.

Suggested wordings

If you wish to leave Care 4 Cats in your will but are not entirely sure of the best way to go about this, you may find this document useful. We suggest that you take this form to your Solicitor when making your will. You will then be able to discuss exactly how much to leave and the most appropriate form of legacy to arrange.

Download Booklet



What type of legacy would benefit Care 4 Cats most?

A residuary legacy would benefit Care 4 Cats the most as it is not lessened by the rate of inflation. A residuary legacy is the remainder of your estate after other specific bequests have been made.

Can I leave a specific sum of money to the Charity?

A specific sum can be left to Care 4 Cats. It is the simplest form of legacy. It is worth remembering that this can be linked directly to the cost of living, which means that it does not reduce over time.

Am I able to leave specific items to Care 4 Cats?

Gifts such as property, jewellery and antiques would be most welcome (we would normally sell any property to raise funds).


If you have any questions, or if there is anything else we can help you with, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by phone, email or by post.

From all the donations and income we get, only 19% goes on admin which includes equipment, printing, cat food, etc. We have no paid employees.