Every week we are asked to foster cats and kittens at Care 4 Cats, and the costs associated with this can quickly mount up for the charity.

Sponsoring a cat is an excellent way to help – providing them with the essentials and love they need.



We offer two types of sponsorships…

You can sponsor one of our colony cats that have been born into and continue to live a more feral lifestyle. These cats continue to live wild and hunt, their food supplemented and health overseen by one of our feeders. The feeders make sure that all cats in the colony are sterilized and thriving in their environment and if a cat becomes ill they can get it trapped and into the vet for care. Sponsorship of a colony cat is €6 per month (approx £5)  to help supplement their diet.

Alternatively, you can sponsor one of our foster cats. These are the abandoned litters of kittens, cats that are sick or injured or cats not thriving in a colony environment that would be better in a home. Because most foster homes are multi-cat environments in much closer quarters than in a colony, flea and worm treatment is very important to keep the cats healthy, as is high quality cat food since they are not hunting to supplement their diet.

Nutrition is key to starting young kittens, that have not had the benefit of mothers milk, into a healthy life… also cats that are recovering from sickness or injury have high nutritional needs. The cost for sponsoring a foster cat or kitten is €15 per month (£12 approx). All of our fosters stay in care until the right forever home is found for them.

It’s never been easier to become a sponsor. To get started, just choose the cat you’d like to sponsor from the listings below…

Why Sponosr?


By sponsoring one or more of Ibiza’s street cats or foster cats, you will be giving them so much of the essentials they truly need.

As our rescued cats in our small sanctuaries numbers increase, if people will sponsor one or more of these cats, we can then take on more cats when necessary.

The cost to the charity initially for vaccinations and neutering are €75 per cat.

  • Care 4 Cats is the only Ibiza charity to carry out a T/N/R programme year round and also the only charity to provide an emergency call line 7 days a week year round.
  • Each of our cat colony feeders provide a lifeline for homeless and unwanted street cats.
  • Each foster cat in our care is given a health check, blood test, inoculations, neutering, worm treatment and vaccinations where necessary.
  • Each colony cat is given a full checkover when they are sterilised.
  • We aim to rehome all friendly cats that are in our sanctuaries and they are promoted on our facebook from time to time.

Please help us to help them…

What’s Included


As a Care 4 Cats Sponsor we will keep you posted with regular newsletters and new photos of your sponsor cat and we will update you by email with stories, photos and even videos, and you will have your own sponsorship plaque on their profile page showing that the cat is sponsored by you.

Soon you’ll even be able to access your own sponsor area on our website so you can login in and see all the latest photos and updates etc on the cat you are sponsoring.

You’ll feel like these special cats are a part of your life. And so you should – you helped to save theirs after all 🙂

So what are you waiting for? See the cats below and choose which one you would like to sponsor…

Sponsorship Gifts


If you would like to sponsor a cat as a gift for friend(s) or family, then once you have chosen your cat to sponsor, please remember to include the full name and email address of the person you are buying the sponsorship for in the Order Notes section on the checkout page.



How do I go about sponsoring a cat?

To see a list of cats or colonies available to sponsor, please see the cats available to sponsor on this page.

Within each of the cats’ profiles you will find more info about them and also the option to sponsor them.

Once you have chosen the amount you wish to sponsor, click the ‘Purchase’ button and you will be automatically guided through the payment process to complete your sponsorship.

Can I give sponsorship as a gift?

Yes you can.

If you would like to sponsor a cat as a gift for friend(s) or family, then once you have chosen your cat to sponsor, please remember to include the full name and email address of the person you are buying the sponsorship for in the Additional Information section on the checkout page.

As a Care 4 Cats Sponsor do I also receive membership benefits?

You will receive regular email updates and photos of your sponsored cat(s). If you visit Ibiza you will also be able to meet the cat(s) that you sponsor and see our work first hand, plus meet some of our volunteers.

Is my sponsorship one-time, or recurring?

All sponsorships are monthly recurring.

How long does my sponsorship last?

We do recommend keeping your sponsorship running as long as possible, and at a suggested minimum of 6 months. However you can cancel your sponsorship at any point should you wish.


that’s less than €1.50 a week!


See the cats we currently have who need sponsorship