Can you help Rollie and Libby?

UPDATE: Case now resolved. Donations for Rollie & Libby are no longer needed. Thank you to everybody for their help and donations.

Rollie, the Siamese, is a special needs cat with severe neurological damage, he is unable to control his 4 legs and doesn’t stand or walk but he rolls, scoots, climbs and manages to get around in his own way, he was born this way and has never known any different and is the most loving and affectionate boy imaginable. He has been with me since birth and is just turning 3 years old.

Libby is a new girl, she was born a normal kitten but contracted a severe virus which infected her eyes and gave her a very bad upper respiratory infection… By the time she came into care, one of her eyes had exploded due to an infected perforation and required emergency surgery to remove her eye. The virus also traveled to her brain causing neurological damage and giving her symptoms similar to Rollie but not nearly as severe, she can stand and walk but looks a bit drunk and wobbly, she also has limited vision in her remaining eye.

Some people think cats or kittens that have disabilities should be euthanized but when you have a special needs cat or kitten in your care, you quickly learn just how amazing they are.

Rollie and Libby were immediately drawn to each other… The other cats avoid Rollie because of his erratic movements but Libby isn’t bothered by that, she just knows that she has a safe, warm place to cuddle and be cared for. Libby is still fighting the upper respiratory infection and for the past week has not been able to eat on her own and is being fed by syringe, up until yesterday, she had shown no improvement and I was starting to worry that she wouldn’t make it… While she still isn’t eating on her own, her appetite has improved and she is eating triple what she was previously and I think this sweet little girl just might have a chance.

I honestly think that her introduction to, and cuddle time with Rollie, has been a contributing factor to her improvement… Love can be the greatest healer of all.

If you wish to help out by contributing towards the treatment of these two gorgeous little ones to help with treatment costs and allow them have the best quality of life possible, then please click here to donate.

Thank you x

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